Friday, October 23, 2015

Accommodating Wishes and Touring Wines!

She was shy but managed to say she'd like a photo if only I'd step off the curb... one step back and done. I simply love chatty locals!

Inspired by glorious vintages from Latin wine producing countries, I flew to South America to know the people and grapes and attend the Vendimia wine fiestas. All over the wine producing world there are festivals held after the grape harvest. And once the picking is complete the festivities are enjoyed in earnest. Just remember the seasons are reversed other side of the equator and the grape harvest is in April! Meaning there are two opportunities to revel in wine each and every year; the May Vendimia of South America, South Africa, and Australia then again in September in Europe and North America! I think that makes Dionysus rather happy, don't you?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Make Mine White and Fluffy - SnowBlind in the Andes

SnowBlind in the Andes details the Andean journey from sacred leaf to cocaine tourism; filled with images from the trenches and personal tales from Coca fields to the streets of Cali, Medellin, Lima and La Paz with clear vision into this otherworldly South American story.

Over twenty years living in the Andes prompts me to lay bare coca-tourism since its on-going rise continues as I live here. I've always been better acquainted with the coca leaf and the culture that surrounds it, however, the big story is that the native peoples are now taking a larger role in production and trafficking. Access in gringo clubs has become standard along with open Cocaine table-service in Bolivia. The message is clear, the Andes are rapidly changing. It's no longer a world divided into Green and White - Native and Gringo. As a result, the naughty are arriving in droves to do little white lines. They've come to blow their brains out on holiday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Shaman Prays with a Trinity of Coca Leaves!

A trinity of Coca leaves is called a Kintu. For the Shaman (yatiri) a Kintu is a bridge, an offering, a means of lifting prayers up into the wind to be received by Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) then to be made reality.

Shamanic healing, ceremony, the sacred leaf and more Andean culture available in the forthcoming "SnowBlind in the Andes - Sacred Leaf to Cocaine Tourism"

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pisco Sour Day with the Harley-Davidson Club of Peru!

The first Saturday of February is Pisco Sour Day, an annual celebration of Peru's National cocktail. And the very best place to take part in festivities would be one of the classic haunts of Lima, right?

Antigua Taberna Queirolo opened in 1880 was no-doubt perfect and conveniently located in the nearby Pueblo Libre neighborhood. We arrived by taxi to a packed house. The boom and bustle were infectious and uplifting. Thankfully many, many Limeños had the same idea and were only too happy to make room for us, as well!

That's when the thunder happened. A vrooom of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles converged on the Antigua Taberna Queirolo and a wonderful afternoon hit a new high! It was the best of times inside and out front of the tavern! If in Lima the first Saturday of February make the most of Pisco Sour Day and enjoy it like a local, with a Pisco Sour in hand! However, you'll need to bring your own Harley!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Opportunity to Fly in a Winter Blue Sky! Spirits UP! Top down!

Perhaps yesterday was last opportunity to fly in a winter blue sky! Top down, bundled and heater on high the afternoon was periwinkle perfect ... the reactions received from motorists and pedestrians ranged from disbelief to replete with whimsy. Many thanks to those of you who waved or snickered. I enjoyed you, too... and hope that there's one more lovely afternoon of serene skies before the year's through. Just does my spirits good to fly in skies of blue.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Global Warming

In dried form, Habaneros cost $18.99 a pound in any local Latin market. And being habaneros are rated at 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville Scale, my 38 cents worth (pictured above) does wonders for global warming. Even rubbing my eye while taking this photo can't deterred me from saying, "Hot stuff, can't get enough." As an example of my mania, I put dried habanero in a small pepper mill I carry while traveling. It's the only way of insuring a hot spot no matter where I roam...

I encourage you to drop into ethnic markets in your neighborhood. Find out what surprises they have in store for you there. Just imagine what 38 cents did for me.

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