Monday, July 14, 2014

Fricot! An Acadian Tradition with Dumplings! - Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market

"Go to Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market", the local fisherman advised in English flavored with French. "Go get Connie’s Traditional Acadian Fricot" (pronounced free-coh).

What's Fricot? Amongst Acadians (the French) of Nova Scotia this thick chicken soup/stew with dumplings is a point of pride and one of the signature dishes of their community. And no better than when made by Connie Theriault at the Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market every Saturday, all summer long.

Connie shared that the secret really is in the dumplings. They are translucent and an integral part of the flavor and texture. She confidently offers a sample cup to first-timers and the curious with good reason. One taste and you're hooked. The Fricot was far beyond expectations. Thick, luscious in the mouth and smooth on the palate. But it was the dumpling surprise that made the experience truly unique. We finished one portion and got another to go. Connie and her sister Simone, serving and smiling all the way. Incredible! It was my first time on the scenic Evangeline Trail in Western Nova Scotia but the culture, the people and the Fricot will forever stand out in my mind!

Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market is festooned with displays of jewelry, paintings, carvings, local photography, arts and crafts, basket weaving and stacks of gift ideas. Purchase locally grown organic produce, venison, or organic breads. Treat yourself to freshly baked sweets, jams & jellies... it's all so wonderful facing the Bay of Fundy but as the old Frenchman said, "Go to Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market, go get Connie’s Traditional Acadian Fricot!"

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Benny's Famous Fried Clams - Portland Maine

 Yes, it's funky as a Clam Shack in Maine! And the locals like it like that! They're near the port but the prices are no where near what you'll pay at the tourist joints on the wharf. But to each their own. Some prefer cloth napkins and fancy flatware. So be it!

At Benny's you'll find native Mainers cooking it their way. And their way is a delicious no-fuss method of coaxing flavors out of local foods. If paper napkins and plastic forks don't twist your panties in a knot, Benny's is for you. The Lobster PERFECT! The famous fried clams superb and the fries, we asked up front for crispy, and got it. On a whim we'd ordered crab cakes. So good we ordered more! Being we had a case of wine in the trunk and Benny's has a BYOB license, we opened a few favorite bottles to augment the meal. No corkage fee and the waitress offered us glasses with a smile. Outdoor seating did not thwart the service and we found eating Maine's Classic Plates al fresco part of the picnicy charm.

Benny's? Well, we'll be back upon our return from the Maritime Provinces of Canada!

Benny's Famous Fried Clams
199 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101
Tel - 207.774.2084

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bite an Opponent? Out!

In the age of AIDS, Uruguay's Luis Suarez has been slapped with the longest ban ever imposed at a World Cup as FIFA punished one of the world's most talented yet controversial footballers for biting an opponent. And really it is not long enough! If you're an idiot, stay home! Que bella Uruguay! Que tonto Suarez!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spaceman over the Andes - HotList South America!

Packing my bags in preparation to leave Bolivia, traveling by land over the Andes through the Atacama desert (driest place on earth) ... en route to the Nazca Lines (second time there) to shoot the Spaceman, Hummingbird, Monkey, etc. from the windows of a tiny Cessna airplane (all turbulence be damned). The resulting fotos will complete "HotList South America" which soon will be available at HotList! Go and Know the Best!


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

HotList! South America! Go and Know the Best!

First SALSA! Now HotList?

I've been asked, "How is it possible to have written two books in one year?" The answer is quite simple. As subject matter, both books contain aspects of South American life. And since I've traveled the continent for twenty years photographing the marvels and scribbling impressions all along the way, there's been ample material to draw upon... the inspiration of travel diaries makes it possible.

Then I should add that our literary team is stupendous! Editor Alix Shand is a bit of a language prodigy and has unerring focus. Designer Rocio Laura has been involved with some of the most impressive works published in this part of the world. And she's deigned to work with me. Gratefully, these two experts have harnessed my energy, profusion of words and oft times wayward ways. Tech support Marco Antonio makes the uploads easy. Otherwise, I'd be flummoxed and frustrated. Really publishing has been a long time coming yet the teamwork makes it all so very immediate and accesible. Realistically, future titles will take more time but they are forthcoming. Look for "SnowBlind in the Andes" (Sacred Leaf to Cocaine Tourism) and followed soon thereafter by another travelogue/cookbook: "Down East" (Boston to St. John's).

So this is answer to the above question, acknowledgement of great talent and an expression of appreciation all in one... mil gracias a todos!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chupe de Mani! - An Essential Flavor of Ecuador

Chupe de Mani! A puréed peanut soup that is incredible! In the mix are peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, red bell pepper and a hint of heat! The topper is a chop of toasted peanuts and a touch of cilantro. The question is, "If you were to go to Ecuador and didn't try it, were you ever really in Ecuador?" 

To avoid missing the best when traveling the Latin World get "HotList South America" which emphasizes sites, culture, food and drink that define essence of place! In the writing stages presently but will soon be available - HotList; an essential addendum to your travel guide of choice. 

 Now available - "Salsa!The Sauces of South America." Just $3.99 at!

Photo credit: Mick Huerta
Cover design: Rocio Laura
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Facing the Pacific and a Tsunami Warning!

Taking up residence facing the Pacific during a Tsunami Warning is by most standards a little foolish. Yet speaking with friend Fernando Jauregui, who lives in Chile; he matter-of-factly stated the ground always shakes a bit in his part of the world. It was his nonchalance that prompted me to carry on with plans for writing a second book while being plied with Chilean wine and seafood.

Daily in the cool of first and last light, I walk the Rio Lluta bird sanctuary just north of the Beach House Inn where I have a cabana with a sea-facing wall of windows making the best of an incredible view. A brisk conversation in a morning breeze with a birder provided much insight; 106 types of birds reported using the sanctuary with 35 rare species counted in that number. He mentioned that this spot is critical for migrating birds as there are few sanctuaries in the Atacama Desert. I've seen this fellow multiple times now, only in the morning and always with a pair of binoculars and notebook. I like chatting with birders. They are caretakers with a keen eye for detail and when approached prove to be a great source of knowledge. We now chat every morning.

As the heat comes on, the marine haze dissipates and birds disappear. It is as well my time to hide in the shadows and produce lines that I then send to my book designer who attempts to make sense of images, stories and travel information provided. I am here a week now. Happy to report, we are making great progress and early results are looking good!

Well, it happened!!! A ripple, an undulation went through the cabana! Whoooaaaa! The floor surged and the walls flapped. Without thinking I picked up my wine glass so as not to spill a drop of the chilled Cousino-Macul Cabernet-Sauvignon Gray I'd been drinking. And a split second later it dawned on me that this was a swell in the mantle, seismic activity! My one word reaction was, "WWOWWWW!" Then back to writing and in another 10 minutes yet another surge! Hahaha! Great! Didn't spill and the sandwich stayed on the plate. Things are just fine... Other guests had left their cabanas and were making sense of things. But they are Chileans and made of steady stuff. With a shrug they all returned to their rooms to avoid the searing Atacama sun... Really nothing for me to do but pour another glass and return to writing as we face the Pacific and a tsunami warning... together.

Now available - "Salsa!The Sauces of South America." Just $3.99 at! Meanwhile, writing continues on - "HotList South America" which emphasizes sites, culture, food and drink that define essence of place; HotList is an essential addendum to your travel guide of choice. 

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