Thursday, December 4, 2008

Saturday Simple!

The Saturday was perfect, just a bit cold smacked with bright sunshine. A pot to the stove, whole chicken cooked and a broth born. Next I added the Fall season's ripe tomatoes blanched, peeled and pureed with a hand blender, mince of onion and garlic, pinch of Herbes de Provence. A few hands full of baby spinach that wilted nicely once dropped into the soup. Fresh, simple & steaming. Not one drop left after visitors and I had our way with spoon and bowl. A baguette helps to sop up the goodness and a crisp Chardonnay helps spark the afternoon in just the right way. I find that entertaining doesn't have to be stacks of work. Good fresh food and the events of the day are all that's needed to make any gathering everything you wish to share with those you love. Bon Appetit, Bien Provecho e Buon Appetito! Salud!