Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Food! Singing Chef Pasquale Carpino!

 If I sing when I cook, the food is going to be happy... Pasquale Carpino

No explaining dreamscapes, let alone waking up with a quote. So I´ll simply share that this morning, I've had Chef Pasquale Carpino forefront of my mind.

Perhaps you remember him from early days when television offered very little food programming (only on weekends). And that´s how I came to know the popular television chef from Toronto. Who by the way, was a wonderful singer and would regal the audience with snippets of Italian opera as he worked knife and flame. For many of us who did not attend culinary school those weekend food programs along with a personal collection of cookbooks were our rite of passage into the brotherhood of the hearth. So it's understandable that I´ll be a little sentimental. Pasquale Carpino died December 30, 2005 at 69 years young.

And in the name of Chef Pasquale, Today I´ll make Linguine alla Marinara replete with capers and a hint of anchovy, a big leafy insalata and Gelato al Limon all the while drinking vino rosso and listening to Verdi´s La Traviata. I just want to make food happy as he taught me to do... and I´ll invite friends in honor of the singing chef! Just to make the Saturday complete!

At the time of this post, re-runs of his program Pasquale's Kitchen Express continue to air on Citytv in Toronto.

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