Friday, September 6, 2013

Mayflower Restaurant and Pub, Ottawa Canada

Not far from Ottawa´s Parliament Hill and the Peacekeeping Monument, the Mayflower Pub felt like refuge. An English-Style haven of dark wood, polished brass and by design a classic public house for quenching thirst. Proudly displayed are taps touting beers, bitters and stouts from ´round the world. Full bar and full restaurant menu are on offer, as well.

And much like any good pub worldwide you can meet locals with little effort, swap entertaining fabrications, philosophize on the meaning of life, ruminate on global events or if you prefer opt for quiet conversation at tables away from the bar.

You´ll find this pub easy to make your Ottawa headquarters and with the patio seating it´s all too perfect as a focal point for couples and groups, too. Cheers!

Mayflower Restaurant and Pub 
247 Elgin St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 613.238.3731
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