Monday, September 30, 2013

Beach House Inn - Arica Chile

I know this will sound a bit like a love letter and perhaps it is. But I utterly enjoy the Beach House Inn located next to the expansive Rio Lluta Bird Sanctuary.  

Upon arrival in my suite, I throw open a wall of windows facing the Pacific. I never sleep better than to the sound of waves and sea breezes. And the hot water and electric lights are powered by solar panels. As you shower the drain water is diverted to thirsty plants. Landscaping with salt resistant varieties speaks of lush gardens to come, in part to provide habitat for long-distance migrating birdlife needing a rest along the way. All of this makes taking up residence in a desert beach house all the more enjoyable.

These are perfect sensibilities for the fragile environment of the Atacama, the driest spot on earth. Everything's in place to coax a lush oasis out of the desert. A great restaurant on premises and a good mix of guests from all over the world cruising the Pan-American Highway that come for tranquility. Birders come for the adjacent sanctuary and surfers for a series of world class reef breaks, breaking close to the shore. It all makes for good conversation and a memorable experience for all. I look forward to returning to La Ponderosa - The Beach House time and again. And I will soon, this I sincerely promise!

Bird photo credit: Richard Crossley/VIREO

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