Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Codroy Valley Estuary and Provincial Park

Here I drink the morning, hold it in my mouth and it tastes of salt. I turn a collar against the east wind as a dappled sky caps the scene and Marram grasses wave. Undulating, this sea grass is not like any I´ve encountered. It´s not oatlike with flat seed heads. But carries a cylindrical rolled top with ample weight to feel the wind and move to it´s wisp and whim. Firmly rooted, it hugs and fixes the dunes where the piping plovers nest. That time is gone now for the year but still best to walk close to waters edge so as not to disrupt the habitat of this bird as they are few. This is the Codroy Valley Provincial Park, it is but a spit of sand that spans the meeting point of the Grand Codroy River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Saltwater meets sweet, a place of transition from land to sea. Although influenced by the tide, the estuary is protected creating a sanctuary for birdlife and subsequent populations of birdwatchers, photographers and naturalists. None of which were present this morning in the ragged cold. I take it all in and love the solitude on the bight, pipe smoldering in hand.

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Debra said...

Sounds like a beautiful moment.Breathing in the beauty that surrounds.