Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Pho Bo Ga La Chinatown Ottawa

Great variety, fast service and clean appearance but if you go deep into the menu your selection may be less than perfect. First thing off-putting was the waiter asked us to place a handful of loose chopsticks in the condiment caddy situated on the table. We complied but commented that the chopsticks couldn´t be very clean with all the handling. The waiter shrugged indifferently and asked for our order. We were four: two opted for Classic PHO but the remaining two... a chicken noodle soup proved a disappointment. The thinly sliced leg meat overcooked, stiff and was relegated to a serviette on the side. The spicy pork bowl was insipid. If not for condiments provided the two latter meals would have resulted in bland. As for the two classic diners, happy as larks! Two out of four, not a good score.

Lesson learnt? Go classic and all is tasty at New Pho Bo Ga La! Also, you just may want to bring your own chopsticks for cleanliness sake.

New Pho Bo Ga La
Chinatown 757 Somerset St West 
Ottawa, ON K1R6R1
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