Friday, November 18, 2011

Red Wine with Fish? Perfectly Delish!

Taking a hint from the Spanish, I say yes to red wine with fish! Now that is not an unqualified proclamation; in keeping with the Spanish sensibility I look for a light, dry, unoaked Red. A slight chill on a simple Tempranillo would readily do. Think of paella bursting with shrimp & saffron. Or entertain thoughts of Camarones al Ajillo with asparagus (as pictured) surely they are best paired with a wine with enough flavour to keep in step with all the subtleties complex dishes have to offer.

When selecting a Tempranillo for fish & seafood look for the cosecha not the crianza, cosecha is the younger more approachable of the two. Also try a Garnacha, a Rosé better known to English & French speakers as Grenache. Dry and crisp, Garnacha will enliven your palate as you share the good life with family and friends. Fish no longer needs to respond only to Chardonnay! And now hasn't life just gotten a bit tastier?

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn - Hearth & Hospitality

Roast chicken is one of those things that converts a house into a home and somehow in the process of learning this well you go from homeowner to host. Not rocket science just one of life's little tasks that requires a bit of patience & practice. Once mastered you'll have friends galore at your door looking to bask in the warm glow of your hearth & hospitality. And they'll be so appreciative they're sure to bring the wine.

The process begins by preheating the oven to 450°F. Rinse the chicken and dry it well. A dry bird results in a crisp bird!

No fuss, I don't truss. I simply cut out the back bone spatchcock style (reserve for the soup pot). Slather both halves with flavour! Recently I conspired to roast two birds. I used Chimichurri Sauce for one and Ajvar (puree of roasted red peppers) mixed with olive oil and lemon juice for the second. Apply ample coarse salt and fresh ground black pepper. Nota Bene: Half chickens roast quicker than their whole counterparts. So pop them into the hot oven and don't touch the door again 'til you check them at 40-45 minutes. In the meantime, get busy with your side dishes; rice, asparagus, salad etc. If you opt for potatoes prep, prick and microwave them for a bit then place in the oven 'long side of the chicken.

As for wine, you'll love Sauvignon Blanc, however, a light Burgundy (pictured above) is rather good as well. Really, the pleasure of gathering loved ones around the table is more timing then culinary skill. And perhaps the only real skill in life worth cultivating is gathering those who are near and dear. And with a roast chicken and good wine the evening will truly be heavenly. 

Foto credit: Mimi Woodbridge

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