Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Uptown Fish House - Columbus, GA

Columbus, Georgia - Uptown; you'll find catfish that crisps then melts in your mouth, hush puppies to quiet your hunger and all the smiles to make you feel perfectly at home.

Michael & Sonya Eddings opened Uptown Fish House Spring 2011 and are going strong. Visiting for lunch on a rainy day we sat in their well appointed dining area. The room about half full, the server was inviting and efficient, the Red Stripe Beer very cold. No doubt good things were to come. No disappointments, either. Quick delivery of Fried Oysters, Catfish, Okra, Sweet Potato Fries & Onion Rings put a huge smile on my face. A batter so light it crackled and Okra so very right they were good complement to hush puppies to die for, honestly! I am not a fan of tartar sauce with fried foods (a personal preference) but Tabasco & Lemon wedges appeal. Our server promptly provided both. A winning combination all way 'round; fast kitchen, good service and plates so tasty you'll plan your next visit before finishing off the morsels in front of you! Try the Grilled Crab Cakes, truly Foodie Heaven!

When out that way, drop in. Michael, Sonya and staff are waiting for you. Well worth the trip when traveling with taste buds as your principle guide... "Where the Big Fish Dine" and where small fry will be happy, too!

Uptown Fish House
1208 1st Ave Columbus, GA 31901-4298

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Maria said...

i can taste the food by your description. looks so good.

Anonymous said...

A nice intimate place to host private dinner events.

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