Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lamb’s 151 Proof Navy Rum - Maritimes Canada

A bottle of Demerara Rum came to me as a gift from dear friends after their recent trip to Newfoundland and the small French islands of St. Pierre & Miquelon. I put the gift to good use close to midnight. Just one dram of a favorite flavor from the Maritimes of Canada ~ A pipe, a pen, a glass of crushed ice and an opportunity to write on heavy creme vellum. In scribbling new year greetings home to St. John's, NL and to the alluring southern shore, I realized there is no one who ever leaves home. Nor does home ever leave any one of us...

Canada’s 300-year-old tradition of trading Rum for dried cod fish continues in the Atlantic Maritime provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia where rums from Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica and the Demerara are imported and aged.

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Maria said...

i can just picture it....glad to see that you are putting pen on paper and not texting or emailing.....sweet!