Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosehill Seafood Co - Columbus, GA

The Oysters are tremendous at Rosehill Seafood Co, fresh & fried! Oh sure, there's all the requisite broiled & fried Seafood, Shrimp, Fish and Crab meat. And if you desire hot, crispy french fried potatoes just ask; they love to accommodate (southern style fries are limp & served at room temperature and they like them that way).

Surprisingly, hush puppies at Rosehill are not so very good but really that's no grave transgression. Any tummy is only so big, bread of any sort is only filler and serious eaters are just out for the best. And in the opinion of many, the best they offer are the OYSTERS! They are served chilled by the half ($4.00) and full dozen ($8.00) on a tray w/o shaved ice. We just eat'em fast and order more. And with a Brown Bag Liquor License there's no hiccup arriving with your favorite tipple. I prefer dry bubbly with oysters (an acidic flavor to salty brine for balance!) and when putting a bottle on the table, the only question is; "How many glasses?" They always provide big plastic picnic tumblers but who's to complain, the service is efficient and friendly and the OYSTERS! Oh, did I mention the OYSTERS!

Rosehill Seafood Co
2621 Hamilton Road Columbus, GA 31904-8539

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Maria said...

huh...what! $4 half dz/$8 dz. WOW!!! I am a huge oyster fan and the only place close to me is a place called King's Fish House and they sell them for $11-$14 for half dozen....ugh!!! they look sooooo good. Usually it's a treat for me, I would be eating them daily if I were in GA.