Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bourbon Mist Rebelations - Georgia

Recently, I shared dark Demerara Rum with southern friends (which they liked a lot) and responded with a gracious invitation to dine with them two days hence.

Arriving at the appointed hour, I was asked if I'd care for a Bourbon Mist. Bourbon Mist? Not being much of a whiskey drinker I asked if the cocktail was sweet. To a burst of laughter I was informed no not sugary but as sweet to the palate as mother's milk. Okay?

First allow me to add that this circle of friends is rather feminine, high powered and have a good bit more experience in the Bourbon world than I. And in the face of such august expertise and given the trust we've built over the years I thought I'd just let it ride... Okay! Yes! Bourbon Mist it is!

The recipe is as follows:

Pack a chilled Old-Fashioned glass with finely crushed ice. Freely pour bourbon into the crush. Lemon peel optional.

Simple, beautiful and anything but frou-frou! And as sweet as the hints of caramel, sweetcorn and vanilla resident in the liquor. It was explained that the key to enjoying Kentucky's finest is a little ice to open the bourbon and patience (for melting & sipping). I think I'm getting it. And yes, I believe I'll have another. Thank you, ladies!

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