Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Make Mine White and Fluffy - SnowBlind in the Andes

SnowBlind in the Andes details the Andean journey from sacred leaf to cocaine tourism; filled with images from the trenches and personal tales from Coca fields to the streets of Cali, Medellin, Lima and La Paz with clear vision into this otherworldly South American story.

Over twenty years living in the Andes prompts me to lay bare coca-tourism since its on-going rise continues as I live here. I've always been better acquainted with the coca leaf and the culture that surrounds it, however, the big story is that the native peoples are now taking a larger role in production and trafficking. Access in gringo clubs has become standard along with open Cocaine table-service in Bolivia. The message is clear, the Andes are rapidly changing. It's no longer a world divided into Green and White - Native and Gringo. As a result, the naughty are arriving in droves to do little white lines. They've come to blow their brains out on holiday.