Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holy Posole!

During your Cinco de Mayo celebration, "Holy Posole" is just the dish to warm the hearth and heart.

I have an EZ Recipe for Chicken Posole that your family will love. Being your taste-buds are invited to the party, you'll need to use them. So I'll give you the recipe in the way my grandmother Tomasa would! All Accordin'!

Reconstitute dry Guajillo chiles in hot water. Once soft, puree with a mince of onion, garlic and the water in which the chiles were soaked. Heat a saute pan on high flame with a tsp of oil. Add chile puree and lower flame to low and allow puree to cook and reduce. Boil chicken breasts in water with bay leaf. Remove chicken when cooked through, cool then shred and reintroduce to broth. Add a large can of hominy corn with liquid. Add a bit of pureed Guajillo chile and chicken bouillion al gusto. On high flame bring back to simmer.

Place reduced Guajillo chile puree, dried Mexico oregano (it really does taste different), finely shredded cabbage, thinly slice radishes in separate bowls as toppings so that each guest can adjust his/her portion to taste. Also, cut limes for the final squuueze that sparks freshness!

Try it! So fast, so ez, you'll make this hearty soup on more days then just Cinco de Mayo. Viva Mexico!