Saturday, May 1, 2010

Croque monsieur - Croque madame

A little rain and I take cover in the kitchen. Seems like the warmest spot in the house and provides ample reward for little effort. Who's to turn up their nose at that idea! * Croque monsieur - Croque madame: These two sandwiches are "EZ Eats" and have been part of my default lazy menu for many years now. Everyone should have a menu for those times when you're too tired to cook a proper dinner or too lazy to do much else. I propose you consider these two quickies. Click the embedded "Links" above for recipes!

Not much on ham? Substitute a slice of turkey. Or if you're veggie inclined combine grilled eggplant with the cheese and continue with the recipe. Your taste-buds will be glad you did!

* The Monte Cristo is a variation of the French Croque-monsieur.