Monday, September 16, 2013

Madrock Cafe · Bay Roberts, Newfoundland

On a Sunday drive, we visited Conception Bay, Newfoundland. To our surprise Madrock Cafe in small town Bay Roberts was jammin! We chatted with others while waiting, all of whom turned out to be regulars. They gave glowing reports; one said we were lucky to be there, another assured we were in for a treat. No better recommendation than that! The wait wasn´t long at all. A couple at a big table had room for two more. So we sat down and yet more conversation ensued. Our tablemates were avid walkers and loved the 8km Bay Roberts Shoreline Heritage Walk which runs rather close to the cafe. The family next to us politely asked if we could pass the syrup. Friendly, really friendly and we felt perfectly relaxed. Which is the theme of the downhome decor; a mix of cabin and DIY crafty, accented with mismatched chairs and tables.

As for what´s on offer, it´s traditional Newfoundland fare: All Day Breakfast, homemade Fish Cakes, Fish & Brewis, Toutons, Soups and Bake Beans. And forever my favorite, Homemade Bread which really makes the best toast. It´s the stuff your grandmother would make if she were still alive and happened to be a Newfoundlander. Madrock is as much cultural experience as tís restaurant. And we shared the experience with tables and tables of happy diners, grannies to babies, the terribly fit and the awfully lazy out for Sunday breakfast.

Sated. We decided to take on the Heritage Walk which wanders along sheer cliffs and offers fabulous coastline views all the way down to the end of the penninsula. And from there, Bell Island and the namesake geological feature "MadRock" can be seen on the right. A Glorious Sunday, altogether! And only in Newfoundland!

Madrock Cafe
723 Water Street
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland
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