Monday, September 9, 2013

umi café: Ottawa Canada

Walking at night on a recent visit to Ottawa, I passed umi café on the edge of Ottawa's Chinatown. The music was good and the place was PACKED! I didn´t enter because there was no room for yet another soul and I walked on. Next morning curious, I stopped for coffee and a pastry (prepared on-site). The coffee was dark and full without being bitter; the pastry very fresh. And I asked about umi café and the event the night before. Come to find the café is a community-based, fair trade coffeehouse, serving an extensive menu beyond pastries. As for the crowds, umi café has been showcasing local musicians, poets and visual artists since 2008. Bravo!

Now it must be said that umi café is not a chain, a little run down and a whole lot funky. But the energy of a packed coffeehouse concert got me in the door albiet next day and I stopped for coffee each morning of my two remaining days in Ottawa. Obviously, umi cafe is doing something right.

 umi café
610 Somerset W  Ottawa, ON K1R 5K4
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