Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pi Gourmet Eatery · St. John´s Newfoundland

"Second trip arrived too early; we returned later!
Pizza is everywhere on the planet. And most times that does not translate into something you´d like to eat let alone pay for! Luckily here in St. John´s, the Pi Gourmet Eatery serves good funky thin crust pizza. I am prompted to say "funky" because of the playful names and creative combinations offered.

We sampled two! The Sir Isaac Salmon: sun-dried tomato and avocado cream cheese base topped with smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, red onion, tomato and feta. Also, we dug into their spin on the classic margherita pizza, E = MC²: herb tomato base topped with spinach, fresh tomato, fresh basil and brie. Even with the changes this pizza stayed classic enough to evoke the colors of the Italian flag — green (veg and herb leaves), white (cheese), and red (tomatoes). And that is the minimum requirement to wear the name Pizza Margherita! We enjoyed them both. Service was pleasant, ambience colourful and we´d readily go back again when the pizza bug bites!
Pi Gourmet Eatery
10 King's Rd., St. John's,
Newfoundland and Labrador

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