Friday, October 31, 2008

"À la recherche du temps perdu" or "To Siberia With Love"

Central Market Irkutsk
Caviar in Irkutsk

My Proustian "Episode of the Madeleine" was prompted by the perfume of vodka (Русский стандарт, Russian Standard Platinum, a gift from a friend). A flood of involuntary memory, an itch to return to Siberia. No clattering Trans-Siberian train next trip, just time to revel in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal with it's Central Market overflowing with produce and Mongol faces.

I dream of Dachas & Banyas and ample time to enjoy the Sashimi of Siberia called Stroganina. I long to relish the fragile delicacy of Omul Caviar accompanied by classic garnishes of chopped hard-cooked egg, minced red onion and creme fraiche, morsels of Pikantny Syr spicy cheese with sprigs of dill. Yes please, pass the salt and tangy black bread with another shot of Russian Standard Platinum! Nastrovia! мой друг!

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John Schellinger said...

A place I've dreamed of visiting one fine day, amigo. Abrazos};~}>