Thursday, January 22, 2009

COCA SOUR Cocktails - Elixir of the Andes!

The Pisco Sour:, is an iconic cocktail claimed vehemently by both Peru and Chile. Pisco is simply a clear brandy distilled from white muscat grapes which were first grown by the Spanish in the 16th century. While both countries claim the liquor as their own, I have heard very few claim to be the point of origin of the cocktail. The one that stands out is the Hotel Maury in Lima, Peru. However, as the battle ensues I imbibe Pisco Sour in all locations without ever choosing sides. Truly safer this way, and of course, there's no danger of offending my South American hosts.

For my Coca Leaf version of this Andean classic, fill a litre jar with fresh Coca Leaves:, then fill to brim with Pisco or Singani:, the clear brandy of Bolivia. Let sit for four weeks, shake the jar anytime it occurs to you. The liquor will change color and the leaves will lose their lustre. Once liquor is green, you are ready to follow this Pisco Sour recipe with a twist.

3 parts Coca Singani or Pisco (from recipe above)
1 1/2 parts Key Lime Juice:
1 - 2 tbsp Sugar (or Bar Syrup)
1 Egg White (optional, produces froth)
A few drops of Aromatic Bitters

* Some will sugar the rim of the glass, I find this more affectation then tradition. And in this, I smell shades of Mexico's Margarita.

If you have no access to Coca Leaves, I suggest you visit... In the meantime, SALUD!

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