Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dawn on Lake Titkaka

Sunday morning January 17th 2010, I am writing from the shores of Lake Titikaka. Taking in first light and cloud cover is truly facinating when next to the highest navigable lake in the world. The high altitude surely lends drama to the dawn. The lake sits at 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above sea level. By volume, it is also the largest lake in South America. Personally, these are the moments I live and travel for. I love getting to know the world´s high and low spots, all spots in between and the people who live there!

Travel has long been a source inspiration. An inspiration to be bigger then I was yesterday, have more patience with myself and the world. Travel is also evidence that I still have much work to do. A lifetime is required some companions might add. On the road I have been elevated, at other times irritated. The most recent example, of being both at the same time, has been staying at the Hotel Rosario del Lago. Truly a beautiful place. Stunning really! But they are expanding, adding suites with jacuzzis for future ultra posh travellers. The tap, tap, tap of the construction has been irksome; tap, tap all day - it stopped at 7:pm Saturday night. Sunday morning 8:30am, the tap, tapping began anew. With no option other than go down to breakfast, we joined other guests who were in disbelief that the tapping had begun so early, on Sunday! Management estimates completion around mid-June 2010. We all know constrution schedules; it always takes longer! Book accordingly!

The facility, staff and service are superlative
. However, the tapping has driven us out. We´ll pay, leave early. There´s very good trekking to be had in the Andes so we´ll get on with it. And seek out a place a little quieter for a well deserved night´s rest at high altitude (without the tapping). Happy Landings!

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orest said...

I am back north from Mexico, but even with the noise I'd rather be in the Andes.