Friday, February 5, 2010

El Rincon Andaluz

There is always a buzz when a storefront promises change in our Sopocachi neighbourhood, outside the centre of La Paz. Passing by and peering in the darkened windows we all knew something was taking shape. Without a doubt, curiousity had gotten the best of us and there had been much speculation as to what was coming!

In our walking community, just half block away from the house, a wonderful surprise has happened. The newly opened, El Rincon Andaluz (Calle Aspiazu 450 Sopocachi) is amazing.

At first opportunity we took a table close to the kitchen. Ordered a bottle of La Concepcion Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, started with a variety of tapas then Calamares al Ajillo (Squid to the Garlic) & Fruto del Mar (Assorted Seafood). The plates arrived as we sipped. Taking bites, we were overwelmed. Presentation, freshness and flavour - everything perfect! The fish was cooked astoundingly well, seared and slightly pink inside. With complete amazement, allow me to say that in a landlocked country you do not find many who understand the cooking of fish. But here at El Rincon, they have it down. Aromas, flavours and the softly playing "Pasa Doble" music transported us to the South of Spain! We were so surprised and pleased and thrilled, we asked to meet the Chef.

Next surprise! A petite young woman called Euniz Claudia Catacora Claros (a name longer then she is tall) came out to meet us. A recent graduate of the "Escuela de Hostaleria y Turismo" Culinary Program, she was polite yet had a good sense of self. She explained she was the only person in the kitchen cooking for all who entered. I needed a foto of her in action; I followed her to her work station (see above foto).

Granted having opened just this week, the restaurant was only partially full. However, I remain impressed that one so young has the confidence and the skill to make a success of a restaurant launch! Hats off! Kudos! Chef Euniz, you are one of my favorite chefs in Bolivia! I wish you a long eventful career and more Michelin stars then the one you wear on your shirt! Que Dios bendiga el trabajo de tus manos!

2 comments: said...

Lovely place. Good luck to her indeed!

maria said...

omg mick....i have goose bumps and my mouth is watering. women...women....women - we can rule the world i say. i work in a small bistro that is ran by women and we have a rock star of a chef as well. if i ever make it to bolivia, this will be my first stop and you are so right about cooking fish - its all about timing. thanks for sharing