Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes a Papaya!

Having received an invitation to a late lunch, I went to scout ingredients in our neighbourhood market in La Paz, Bolivia. I thought discovery should dictate my dish and that really was my only guide for the morning. At one of my favorite kiosks I found the perfect Papaya, or rather it found me. Silvia, a vender, holding aloft a ripe orange-yellow sphere said ¨This Papaya is estupenda today. Tomorrow, no.¨ Her all-knowing look won me. To cut it lengthwise and scoop the ripe flesh left me with two fruit bowls and two opportunities to delight my hostess and her guests. The salads to fill the papaya halves came together with little effort and the list of ingredients isn´t overly exotic if Papaya is in season where you cook. However, if the sky is gray at your house think Papaya, one or the other of these salads will change your outlook on life!

1 - Ensalada del Lago y Selva (Salad from the Lake & Jungle)

PAPAYA cubed
Flaked Trout (from Lake Titicaca or the lake nearest you)
Red Bell Pepper
Cucumber cubed
Roma Tomato cubed
Onion diced
Light Vinaigrette w/Lime Juice
Chop of Parsley
Mince of garlic

2 - Ensalada Yucateca (Yucatan Salad)

PAPAYA cubed
Chicken cubed
Cucumber cubed
Avocado cubed
Chop of Cilantro (or parsley for the cilantro adverse)
Onion diced
Honey & Lime Juice added to your preferred vinaigrette
Dusting of Chile Powder (optional)

Toss all respective ingredients well and serve in the Papaya halves that have been brushed inside (when first cut) with lime juice to prevent discoloring. The added bonus, fewer dishes to wash! Also, favorite bread sticks or crispy baguette are a perfect accompaniment ...

Sometimes it takes a Papaya to ignite your passion for all things culinary and even brighten your world! Bon Appetit or as we say in Latin America, Bien Provecho!

P.S. A crisp white will complete the offering!

© Mick Huerta 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Anonymous said...

omg - i love papaya. in the summer i make paletas. the color is amazing.