Sunday, October 16, 2011

Berry Good (Bramble Liqueur) in the Andes! La Paz, Bolivia

The rains are early this year. Now that might put a little gloom into a day but it's said that every cloud has it's lining of silver. And the positive here is an abundance of blackberries in the markets. There are even peasant women selling berries out of baskets on the street! You'd love the atmosphere of plenty!

This morning I made Oatmeal Porridge with dark Cane Sugar & Quinoa flakes (deliciously creamy) and the punch is, of coarse, the BLACKBERRIES! Eating local, fresh and in season makes for the best eye opening mornings. And no doubt your mouth will automatically open on it's own just to receive the goodness when a perfectly ripe berry is involved!

The plan for later today is to make Creme de Mures (much like creme de cassis but using blackberries rather than red currants). My approach is simple, pop a whack of washed berries into a large jar pour in enough white lightening or vodka to cover. Using your hand blender puree the fruit into a slurry. Top up with remaining portion of the liter of firewater. Let stand for about three months. Shake whenever it occurs to you. Keep in a cool dark place (under the sink will do). When the time comes strain the potion, then make some Simple Syrup and add for the sweetness you prefer.

Traditionally, this liqueur is made sweet for mixing with dry white wine. You´ll recognize the combination as KIR (Cocktail), awfully nice. And in three months time you'll love yourself, KIR in hand, for planning ahead! No matter gray, heavy skies; there's fun to be had now and later just by putting your berries where your mouth is!

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