Friday, September 28, 2012

Destination Europe: Three Weeks, One Passat Wagon

touring baltic states and central europe these days.
later today prague, tomorrow plzen
to taste the famed pilsner urquell (original pilsner beer) at epicenter. 


looking forward to riesling in alsace,
chocolate in zurich.
with spotty rain the promise of warmth in milano tickles the mind.
we've seen some amazing places.

eaten, have drunk and chatted with lovely people.
few people speak english.
mostly university aged women speak a little,

no matter where we are,
language-wise women are clever
and we speak no latvian, polish, czech etc.

as a rule everyday a new place.
when tired the rule is bent.
the logistics of touring in a car can be daunting.
load, unload. maps, guidebooks, websites, two gps devices.

being we've no fixed itinerary,
hotels are booked on the fly.
we use a swiss cell phone and hotspot tech.
which works or doesn't. 

if not it's an "ask and see" challenge
to find room at the inn.
any inn.

difficulties do not eclipse the experience.
a whirl-wind tour of europe

is nothing less than a marvel.
on the culinary front i've learnt much

so many twists and pairings at every turn.
i ache to get into a kitchen
& put some thoughts on the stove top.

all is well in the swirl.

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