Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Return to the Sky!

The gruelling night flight from Miami disrupts sleep and the hours in a seat designed for a short adolescent readily jangle the sensabilities. So naturally upon arrival I walk. How better to get a fix on your world than to pace it. And after a long absence there are many places to go and people to see. 

In a ramble, I take in the surroundings, the pulsing traffic, the surreal flash of clouds puffing the sky, the street food consumed on the move by both the humble & the lofty. First day there's money to be changed at any of the sidewalk kiosks where exchange artists make brisk business al fresco. It's on this jaunt, I will visit my manicurist and my barber. I'll chat with a few well known haberdashers situated in a warren of streets all around the cathedral. And there in the Plaza San Francisco, I readust in a squint to a city ablaze with unfiltered light that turns everything intensly luminous.

On the corner of Santa Cruz & el Prado, my favorite vendor of fresh squeezed orange, mandarin and grapefruit juices plys her trade. She extracts every drop of goodness and the essential oils with a hand levered apparatus bolted to a little blue cart. And at 12000ft/3657m, her large fluttering umbrellas offer lean protection from the ever changing elements. This morning in a quick spritz of rain she spied me and called out, "Finally, you're back!"

I smile and give her a hug. "Yes, I'm back."
And it´s so very good once again to walk the sky.

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