Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lilies on the Pond!

Serene August in Newfoundland is Cabin Life! This is a time of simple living punctuated by playful sea otters feeding in neighbouring fresh water ponds with an outlet to the Atlantic. The children fall mum with palms of torn bread lifted to the sky. Soundlessly the Grey Jays swoop down to steal offered crumbs in full flight. Long vigilant silences are rewarded with bolder birds even taking bread from the crowns of their heads.

Morning buckets in hand the blueberry picking has been a bumper crop of indigo with exclamations of discovery at the explosion of fruit on yet another low lying bush. The picking goes fast and exciting as a not so curious mother moose looks on while munching in the bramble. Just for the sweet joy of it, we hike down to revel in the lilies on the ponds... We suspect Monet would have felt right at home on this island brimming with ecstatic beauty...

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Photo credit: Rowena Ryan

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