Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SALSA! Available in a couple of days, just in time for the equinox!

Honestly, it's amazing and overwhelming  the amount of work and all the challenges you face when writing and publishing a book. Then attempt it from the hinterlands of South America! Daunting! I suppose Life presents the speedbumps and we are to maintain our cool when all the world seems to operate with a "manana" mentality. All the philosophy aside, allow me to say that I loved every minute! Really, every minute!

Available in a couple of days; just in time for the equinox. I like the thought of having an auspicious day for a book launch! Must be the Aztec in me... I'll take a breather from writing as we prepare for the launch party here in La Paz, Bolivia at 3,650m (11,975 feet). Sure to be some Chilean bubbly knocking around, too. In the meantime, we send you our very best from South America!

 Now available - "Salsa!The Sauces of South America." Just $3.99 at Amazon.com! Meanwhile, writing continues on "HotList South America" an essential addendum to your travel guide of choice.

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Miriam Harper said...

No hard copy for those of us who don't use Kindle?

Miriam Harper said...
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