Monday, July 14, 2014

Fricot! An Acadian Tradition with Dumplings! - Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market

"Go to Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market", the local fisherman advised in Acadian flavoured English. "Go get Connie’s Traditional Fricot" (pronounced free-coh).

What's Fricot? Amongst Acadians (the French) of Nova Scotia this thick chicken soup/stew with dumplings is a point of pride and one of the signature dishes of their community. And no better than when made by Connie Theriault at the Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market every Saturday, all summer long.

Connie shared that the secret, really, is in the dumplings. They are translucent and an integral part of the flavor and texture. She confidently offers a sample cup to first-timers with good reason. One taste and you're hooked. The Fricot was far beyond anticipations. Thick, luscious in the mouth and smooth on the palate. But it was the dumpling surprise that made the experience truly unique. We finished one portion and got another to go. Connie and her sister Simone, serving and smiling throughout. Incredible! It was my first time on the scenic Evangeline Trail in Western Nova Scotia but the culture, the people and the Fricot will forever stand out in my mind!

Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market is festooned with displays of jewelry, paintings, carvings, local photography, arts and crafts, basket weaving and stacks of gift ideas. Purchase locally grown organic produce, venison, or organic breads. Treat yourself to freshly baked sweets, jams and jellies... the experience is made even better for facing the Bay of Fundy but as the old Frenchman said, "Go to Belliveau Cove Farmer’s Market, go get Connie’s Traditional Acadian Fricot!"

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