Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pisco Sour Day with the Harley-Davidson Club of Peru!

The first Saturday of February is Pisco Sour Day, an annual celebration of Peru's National cocktail. And the very best place to take part in festivities would be one of the classic haunts of Lima, right?

Antigua Taberna Queirolo opened in 1880 was no-doubt perfect and conveniently located in the nearby Pueblo Libre neighborhood. We arrived by taxi to a packed house. The boom and bustle were infectious and uplifting. Thankfully many, many Limeños had the same idea and were only too happy to make room for us, as well!

That's when the thunder happened. A vrooom of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles converged on the Antigua Taberna Queirolo and a wonderful afternoon hit a new high! It was the best of times inside and out front of the tavern! If in Lima the first Saturday of February make the most of Pisco Sour Day and enjoy it like a local, with a Pisco Sour in hand! However, you'll need to bring your own Harley!

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