Friday, October 23, 2015

Accommodating Wishes and Touring Wines!

She was shy but managed to say she'd like a photo if only I'd step off the curb... one step back and done. I simply love chatty locals!

Inspired by glorious vintages from Latin wine producing countries, I flew to South America to know the people and grapes and attend the Vendimia wine fiestas. All over the wine producing world there are festivals held after the grape harvest. And once the picking is complete the festivities are enjoyed in earnest. Just remember the seasons are reversed other side of the equator and the grape harvest is in April! Meaning there are two opportunities to revel in wine each and every year; the May Vendimia of South America, South Africa, and Australia then again in September in Europe and North America! I think that makes Dionysus rather happy, don't you?

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