Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tripping the Amazon! - South America's Transformation Trail

Tripping the Amazon (and the Andes) has meant a year on the South American Transformation Trail. And still going strong!

Glorious! I've been river traveling deep Amazon and crawling the peaks of the Andes on a pre-Inca road (one lane) that was partially paved and open 'til the rains of 2017. Taking up residence with Amazon natives to live their rhythm made me one of the family. Ceremonies in Brazil were good for teaching the social (communal) side of ayahuasca and the love that is to be found there. The Shipibo people of the Ucayali River, Peru are a magic matriarchal community. Open, caring and have a special touch.... This year has been full of natives, seekers, shamans, healers and plant experts. My sense of appreciation knows no bounds. I have received much, shared much and cared much. The story is far, far from over. Much good has come of it all. And there's still more to come. And so much more to share, as it fortunately happens! Almabrazo!

Watch for soon to be published exploration; "Ayahuasca - The Amazon Path to Yourself", an in-depth journey that's otherworldly!
photo credit: mick huerta

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