Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beatrice Fresh Pastas, La Paz Bolivia

When trekking anywhere on the planet there are challenges. Using a guidebook helps to meet many, however, there are sweet spots that even fastidious research will miss. I find for best information, no matter where you are, ask a local.

In this case, I'll serve as your local guide brimming with tasty insider information directly applicable to lunchtime satisfaction... After many years of living and eating in La Paz, a few spots really shine and a constant favorite for lunch is Beatrice Fresh Pastas. Chef Marco Schiapparoli from Milano, Italia spends his mornings making a variety of artisanal pastas and fresh sauces for a daily crowd of appreciative neighbours. The menu is short (13 pastas - 13 Sauces). The focus is on quality. Even with a classic list of renown pastas (Lasagna, Agnolotti, Ravioli, Cannelloni, Cappalletti, Tagliatelle) there are still surprises. One that I order often is the Coca Pasta. Powdered coca leaves are added to wheat flour when making the dough; served with a flavorful from scratch Pomodoro (Tomato) Sauce or a Llama Bolognesa and the result is like no other. The restaurant is easy to find located facing the Sopocachi Market just outside of the downtown area. Not to be missed! And the prices will not dent even a trekker's budget.

Beatrice Fresh Pasta - Open Lunch & Dinner. Closed Only Tuesdays.
The Wine list is well thought out and priced fairly.
Calle Guachalla, Edificio Nicol, Sopocachi, La Paz Boliva

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