Monday, June 22, 2009

Paella Kings

All my brothers are wonderful cooks, each with his own style and focus. But it's Joe and I who have taken to the Paella. We have years of practice and a good sense of what pleases guests. The fotos shared are my most recent effort.

If you're curious, START! Google the recipe (in the beginning any flat-bottomed pan will do-after getting some chops invest in a paella pan). The best teachers are research, practice and a Spanish friend. If you lack the Spanish friend just begin cooking you'll have a Spanish friend in no time. Each Spaniard has his own recipe and will want to be part of the experience!

Pour the wine, let the Fiesta-without-Siesta begin!

1 comment:

andres de londres said...

Looks good.A cold Huari with mine please.