Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Snowflake

Another morning of freeze warnings and snowflakes.

For a time now, the gardener within could not resist prepping soil and throwing seed. Recently, I connected with a like minded spirit who wanted to share seeds she had harvested last fall. Because of her I have now planted Mexican Hat and Silver Dollar. We share a connection with the soil and from gardener to gardener, I thank her for the offering. When together I expressed my gratitude but I don't think she realized just what she had gifted me. She gave me an opportunity to go into the garden with purpose, cultivate a sense of renewal, begin with the Spring Season. Later when the seeds sprout plants and then throw flowers, I'll think of her while appreciating the results of her kindness.

This Winter has been long and Spring long in coming. And as a consequence I have held the saying "Hope Springs Eternal" very close to the heart. It has given me a sense of patience. However, cabin fever can only be truly mitigated by hands in the soil and by the planting of tomatoes, chiles, cebollina and herbs. By virtue of that, this wet morning I see snowflakes and dream of tomatillos! Thank you again, Betty, my new gardening friend

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."
Hal Borland

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with coffee & a pen said...

Oh joy! I planted herbs and poppies and put together a clever terrarium just the other day. Let's dance!