Thursday, April 8, 2010

Four Pizzas for Two on a Thursday Night

A few days ago, I made pizza dough and divided the large ball into four smaller. I always bag the balls separately, splash them with olive oil and reserve them in the back of the refrigerator. I find that dough given time to slowly rise delivers greater flavor. With a few leftovers and simple deli items the pizzas quickly roll out of the oven even on a work night! Tonight's results were a White Pizza; Red Sauce with Brie, Anchovy and Capers; Pesto and a simple Red Sauce & Four Cheeses. I threw around some Pine Nuts just for good measure! The side salad was a fast and furious tomato, cucumber, sprigs of watercress (just now arriving at the Mexican green grocer's) and mince of red onion dressed with a home-made basic vinaigrette (with salt & pepper). A little prep goes a long way when you want the very best pizza available, and the best always is fresh from your kitchen. And perhaps the greatest satisfaction of all is saying goodbye to the delivery guy!

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