Friday, June 11, 2010


"Ayoba" is South African slang for "Super" or "Cool". I haven't been in South Africa for years yet I remember this word clearly. I was there with clear intention of chasing wine and seafood. Anyone familiar with my writings would not be in the least bit surprised. Now presently watching the 2010 World Cup televised from the new stadium expressly built in Cape Town to accommodate this frenzy of football, I am awash in memories. However, there are some things that are different. Much like the overwhelming characteristic of this year's contest will be the sound of the "Vuvuzela", a simple, one note trumpet made of plastic. I saw them when visiting but at that time they were in the hands of boys playing in the street. It was nothing more than a fun and funny toy for kids. Now during the 2010 World Cup the sound of the "Vuvuzela" is front and center. It is the instrument to express pride and joy of place and produces the din that you will hear in the background of every match coming to us from South Africa! All I can say is "Ayoba"!