Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet Dreams - Bill & Nada’s Cafe SLC, Ut

On a hot desert afternoon she was in love with her car and insisted on driving. Flying in the top down convertible I saw a street person I had spoken with many times. She liked the idea so we stopped and gathered him up on the way to Bill & Nada’s, a now gone iconic Salt Lake City cafe/diner we both enjoyed but had not visited together. Our guest was withdrawn as we looked over the menu. Noticing the wariness we assured him that he should order anything that appealed simply let the waitress know. As it was one of our very first dates we lightheartedly decided on big omelets, fries, plenty of red Tabasco and long neck bottles of impossibly cold beer. In humble fashion he ordered an inexpensive combo and a glass of water, we attempted to put him at ease. The water and beer arrived right away, sipping we laughed about everything and nothing while waiting for our plates of classic Americana.

“Excuse me. Off to the men’s, won’t be a moment.”

Upon my return a stern face stared through me.

“Let’s go!” she insisted curtly.
“Yes! Now!”

We paid the cashier in silence leaving my street friend in the booth eyes downcast staring at three untouched plates. Alone in the car she explained that our companion had mumbled like a madman over and over all he wanted to eat was her. Tires squealed on asphalt as we pulled away.

“What did you say?”
“I told him to shut up or I’d kill him.”
“Bravo.” …was my only response.

We sped off into the heat, wind in our hair accompanied by Patsy Cline singing Sweet Dreams (of you). Fortunately, we were en route to find sustenance & redemption at the Red Iguana.

(Bill and Nada´s Cafe closed Dec. 20, 1999 after the death of William "Bill" McHenry, Aug. 6, 1999)
Photo credit: Ravel Call

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Karen said...

Oh Mick! How I miss Bill, Nada and You!

From Karen