Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carla´s Garden Pub - Coroico, Bolivia

´Tis a fairly new addition to the night scene in the cloud forest of Los Yungas, however, Carla´s Garden Pub is rapidly becoming THEE night spot for travelers and locals alike. Not yet appearing in the guidebooks, it´s word of mouth that has been driving the popularity of this pub. Now that´s perfect endorsement, isn´t it! Just down the steps from the main plaza, the bar is an open faced affair located in an ample garden with an array of tropical plants growing verdant and lush. You´ll meet people from all over the world as the Dutch Carla & her Bolivian beau, Andres, serve up cocktails, cold beer and good conversation in variety of languages. All of which are rather important after biking the Death Road, hiking the Inca Trail or spending the afternoon around one of the pools that proliferate in Coroico. Drop in when traveling out that way. You´re sure to find me there along with many others!

By the way, Andres is an avid outdoorsman. He acts as a guide and provides information on local flora & fauna. One recent evening I overheard him giving river advice to a fly fisherman over maps and a cold one. That´s called civilized reconnoitering, no?

Guide Andres Flores Valencia
cel: 74028524

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binky Sanchez said...

Looking forward to visiting this establishment.

maria said...

these are the best kind of places. if the locals are there, you know its gonna be a good one.

ayke said...

Carla is one of the best managers of a pub. She has the dutch punctuallity, servicelever and the latin warmth. Go visit carlas beer garden!