Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toto Ristorante - Coroico Bolivia

It´s a bit incongruous to find a ristorante in a South American tropical zone, manned by an Italian chef (Christian Budano) and named after the genius actor Toto called il principe della risata ("the prince of laughter")!

Astonished when I read the signpost, I was immediately pulled into a very inviting space, the pizza oven was cranking in the background as the Rock & Roll music wafted seductively in the afternoon heat. The menu was full and representative of the Tuscan kitchen yet I decided on simple Spaghetti with handmade Pesto Sauce. The pasta was "Al dente" and the sauce (redolent of Walnut and Brazil Nut) was a surprising jungle twist on a trattoria classic. Combine the plate of pasta with Bolivia´s young red wines (i.e. Aranjuez Terruño) and you have another perfectly wonderful spontaneous ramble in Coroico. Buon Appetito from Toto and the Cloud Forest of Los Yungas!

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