Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blue Pine Farm Tienda - Coroico, Bolivia

If after trekking the Andes there´s nothing better than oxygen and warmth, make your way out of the heady heights down into the Yungas for a breather of tropical proportions. And if you can´t bear to look another banana or plate of fried food in the eye, there´s the “Blue Pine Farm Tienda” (provisioners) to the rescue. A full complement of lovely foods and gourmet coffees are to be had. Cheeses and meats are maintained at safe temperature in a refrigerated case which is plugged in (many in the tropics are not). They leave it to you to warm cheese to your liking. Thank you. Many homemade items are featured with a representative offering of the very best food items put up for sale by local producers. And fortunately for residents and visitors alike, the owners have a little farm where they raise the happy chickens that provide the organic eggs consumed throughout the North Yungas cloud forest. A full variety of organic and natural foods are on the shelves, as well. The Blue Pine Farm Tienda is truly an oasis of sensibility in a slap dash world... for confirmation of this you have only to look to the chocolate selection.

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