Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wine Bottle to Wine Glass!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-purpose! The concept comes home when you've bought the wine, drink it at dinner and the bottle stares you in the face during clean-up. Throw a garden party and the problem grows one hundred fold! This simple solution requires little skill but provides great satisfaction while doing your part. Truly a great way to end up in your cups!

Step 1: Use a jig to create a score line that runs the circumference of the bottle (the bottle can be scored with a diamond or carbide tipped tool for scoring glass)

Step 2: Use a second jig and blowtorch (as seen in video) to evenly heat bottle, as the bottle is heated the score line created in step 1 will actually crack the glass

Step 3: Use the bucket of water to complete the separation of bottle top from bottle bottom

Step 4: Sand, sand, sand with various grits of paper to smooth drinking edge.

Video by Bruno of
Instructions by moondogdesigns

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