Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Apple a Day?

An Apple a Day? No way!

No, not when a Red Delicious is more red than delicious! Not when the flesh has no more flavor than the card board box the apples were shipped in. Not when commercially grown is synonymous with chemically grown!

No to the fungicides and pesticides and yes to the banana... a simple, perfect fruit you peel and eat - Mother Nature's little gem.

You might have gathered I stand by the banana. Thought to have been
first domesticated in Papua New Guinea; today, they are cultivated all throughout the tropics. And they are now grown in at least 107 countries. I just happen to live in one of those banana republics. Though Bolivia does not rank anywhere near the top ten banana producing nations however she does produce a variety that has a wonderful full flavour, a custardy texture and a perfume that enlivens any snack. That is why whenever I have a chance I buy them by the large hanging cluster, comprised of tiers (called hands). I wait for the sugar spots to develop to maximize enjoyment... and if a few go black? No worries, the kitchen is then graced with the aroma of Banana-Nut Bread baking away on the weekend! So as mentioned - "An Apple a Day? No way!" So very sorry, Ben Franklin.

Eating a banana or two a day helps avoid strokes, can help control high blood pressure, reduce the chances of suffering a blood clot, prevents recurring minor depression. It is also a huge source of anti-oxidants. So bang it out in a smoothie... there you go, DONE! Now isn't that better!

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