Saturday, February 11, 2012

Restaurant Paladar - Cozinha Brasileira - La Paz, Bolivia

In La Paz, there are three locations for "Restaurant Paladar - Cozinha Brasileira." The closest to me is a mere block 1/2 away. It is housed in an old residence now converted into two large dining rooms, one with green walls - the other biege, and both with dramatically high ceilings... I consider this restaurant a secret pleasure because I lunch there alone and sip a Caipirinha (Brazil's National Cocktail) while making my way through the menu a plate at a time. I'm in no rush really; I'll get there as long as the Caipirinhas continue to be this good. And the big, Brazilian flavours keep coming fresh and dynamic.

Recently, I sat down to a delicious Septinho de Pollo, thin chicken breast breaded, skewered and cooked perfectly. The plate was completed by Feijao Brasileiro (Brazilian style beans) to be mixed with rice, a hunk of savory cornbread and salad dressed with a Brazilian vinaigrette. This simple vinaigrette is nothing more than slivered scallion and a fine dice of onion, bell pepper & tomato with white wine vinagre to cover. No oil, no garlic, salt or pepper. I put it on everything as it's a sparkling acidic element that elevates the flavours.

At Restaurant Paladar, the lunch (USD$4.00 - 28 Bs.) is always accompanied by dessert of the day and a cafezinho (a small, intense, sweet shot of black, black coffee). A perfect finish to a perfect lunch alone with a Caipirinha dreaming of the beaches of Brasil! Valeo cara!

Restaurant Paladar -
Cozinha Brasileira
Guachalla 359, Sopocachi
La Paz, Bolivia
tel: 2.244.4929

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