Friday, June 8, 2018

Making your Way! Boa Vista, Brazil - Santa Elena, Venezuela International border crossing

Arrive Boa Vista, looking to continue the trek. Little information in the guide book and great hopes of heading north to Venezuela. We run to the airport (30Rs) to find out about flights and options. Speaking with locals the plan is clear.

Following advice, we share a cramped taxi (40Rs) to the border (Pacaraima) with Venezuela. We attend to crossing procedure and hire a waiting taxi Venezuela-side to arrive at Santa Elena. Little movement here, few travelers, no other option - everything pricey.
photo credit: Vanessa mora mejias
photo credit: Paolo Costa Baldi

But you arrive at one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Gateway to waterfalls and tepuis (pictured above). Wishing you the best crossing here. And a fabulous on-going journey. Almabrazo!

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