Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oaxaca city - Tapachula - Guatemala

Skip the fancy Galgos Bus or polished Ticabus Line and take a shuttle from the Tapachula, Chiapas MX bus station to the international border with Guatemala near the Pacific Ocean.

Once your papers are stamped and you cross, there are several school-bus type buses leaving for Guatemala City. Who needs reclining seats when you can ride with live poultry and natives? Seriously, its well worth walking across that border. Interesting bit of North American geo-political struggle there. Many people heading north seeking the future (and ability to send remittances home). As you walk the bridge, take note of the people crossing the river and the sad-eyed folks incarcerated in the cramped adobe jail. And be thankful you hit the lottery of life. Born in the developed world; you have an education, ability to read, a passport and money enough to travel...

One bit of advice which applies everywhere: Be polite, show respect and do your best to speak the language and you’ll be treated with kindness and mutual respect (and keep in mind Spanish is their second language, too).

Photo credit: Ekem

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