Friday, January 17, 2014

Angels Amongst Us! In Manaus, Brazil!

With a back drop of the Amazon River, my favorite little Manaus eatery is situated in the middle of vendors hawking the freshest veggies and giant fishes in the Municipal Market where all things arrive by boat. In the clamor, Candida Rodrigues is principal cook at “Amazonas Restaurant” and for good reason. At the sight of simple yet beautiful plates of perfectly cooked fish my eyes welled with joy and I could barely see to fully appreciate the feast set before us! And her sauces come right from heaven! I am certain there are angels amongst us and Candida is one! 

Now available recipes for heavenly Latin Sauces - "Salsa! The Sauces of South America." Just $3.99 at! Meanwhile, writing continues on "HotList South America" an essential addendum to your travel guide of choice...

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