Monday, December 16, 2013

Freshest Cup Ever... in the small Coffee Plantations of Bolivia!

Being her family has a plantation, my darling friend, Celestina promised the freshest coffee ever. A large sack sat on the floor full of dried, raw beans. "Come, come," she waved me into the kitchen determined to show me how easy it is. "Much fuss made over coffee." she adds. "When it´s all so simple." In a little pot on a gas flame she stirred and stirred with a flat wooden implement while occasionally sprinkling sugar over the roasting beans.

She tells me sugar in the roasting process is called Torrefacto and is common in Spain, France, Portugal and throughout Latin America. The addition of sugar is a trick to allow a deeper, darker roast without burning.

Once the roast was achieved, there was hurried need to spread out the beans to cool, then grinding and finally the brewing process. The drip method is what Celestina uses and the steaming hot coffee sent a perfume into the air that was overwhelming. She added a tot of brandy to each cup and called it Carajillo!

Never one to crave coffee in the morning and more inclined to sip a strong, black brew at 2 pm; I can see the benefits of processing beans as ceremony, expressly, when with a friend who shares in the labor and the resulting cups. And if you want to go all the way to a carajillo? That´s between you and the afternoon to be shared.


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John Schellinger said...

Vayala VIIIDAAA, cafeteroooo! Yuuum! I can smell it from the western highlands, amigoooo!
Oye, Mick...mi querido hermano, David, is going to be gracing us with a visit at the beginning of Feb. and will be coming in Colombia and would want to travel to Panama by boat(s). Any suggestion from you, my dear veteran traveler, would be most appreciated. Graciaaaas! Un gran abrazo muy apretado de Carmen y yo!
Ciao fer now, Mick!

Mick Huerta said...

John: The boats are from the wharf in Cartagena (he'll need to review the boats in harbour and pick boat, capt. and price) to the San Blas Islands... upon landing a shared taxi is available to arrive comfortably to Panama City. It all was seamless and easy to do if you speak espanol. Only marginally harder otherwise... happy new year to you and Carmencita!