Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sip into Something More Comfortable!

A Fish Fumet and a Mushroom Fumet are base to many of my signature international soups. In La Paz I use Sabalo, a South American river fish found principally in Argentina, Bolivia & Paraguay. Five fish heads cost about USD$1.00, filet cuts just a bit more. And mushrooms that once had made a seasonal appearance in the local markets are now dried and are available all year round. Rather inexpensively at that. With these two fumets, it´s so easy to do so much so quickly!

Case en pointe, today I used the fish fumet for a simple bouillabaisse with saffron. Being I can´t seem to locate fennel in the Andes, I replaced the bulb with star anise to approximate the desired effect (oddly no bottle of Pernod close at hand either). I self-indulgently spiked the mixture with a splash of La Concepcion’s “Vinos Reserva Chardonnay Reserva 2009.” And we wickedly drank the remainder and opened a second. Who´s to say that at "dinner for two" you can´t sip your way into something more comfortable?

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