Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Demand Respect! Gay Pride Parade - La Paz, Bolivia

In a country where anything outside the norm is met with derision, Bolivia´s 2011 Gay Pride Parade running right through the center of La Paz went off more like a community event. Entire families were out, small children sat curbside to get an eye full of the rainbow flags & costumes while Bolivians of all stripes jumped into the parade route to get their  photo taken with their favorite Drag-Queen! With a background of rockets, everyone simply loved the transvestites outfitted in traditional Cholita garb (pictured above)! As an expression of solidarity with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community; the occasion was fun, festive and rather tame in comparison with the wild celebratory parades of Amsterdam & Rio de Janeiro! But amidst the smiles and applause there was no other place this crowd wanted to be. Billboards, stickers, posters and the banners on many floats proclaimed this year’s theme of “Like you… We demand respect.” And last night they got it! However on this brillant sunshiny morning after last night's wonderfully successful event, the struggle for respect continues.

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